Rebecca Rosenthal – Writing&Translation

Rebecca Rosenthal

Independent Writer and Translator for German, English and Chinese

    Focus: Copywriting, Transcreation and Creative Translation
    Specialization: Marketing for the Lifestyle Industry

About Me

Since 2012 I have been working as a freelance writer and translator. I have been working for big multinationals, such as L’Oréal, Hèrmes, Swarovski, Frasers Hospitality, Philips, Bayer and GSK on various projects, including translations, interpreting, copywriting, multilingual graphic layout, as well as video subtitling. During my employment as a project manager at the Shanghai office of the multinational translation agency Eurologos which is headquartered in Brussels, I gained valuable experience in the industry.

The linguistic and cultural know-how in my working languages were not only acquired during long-term study and work stays in the US and China, but also through a well-rounded academic education, as I learned my craft from the bottom up, mainly at:

  • Göttingen University in Germany (Double Degree M.A. Intercultural German Studies Germany-China)
  • Nanjing University in China (Double Degree M.A. Intercultural German Studies Germany-China)
  • the biggest training center worldwide for translators and interpreters at Mainz University in Germany (B.A. Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Translation and Interpreting).

I topped up my translation skills for English and Chinese with a master in German studies and thus perfected my expressive competence, which is naturally important in my profession. Growing up in Berlin taught me the most popular slang in Germany.


Your website, an important brochure, your personal slogan, a suitable name for your newest product, the company newsletter…

Why should you entrust me with your translation or writing of your copy?

How I can support your company

Service Scope


The text for your new leaflet should attract your customer? Your social media content needs a facelift? You are looking for a catchy slogan or fancy product name? Then get writing support from a professional copywriter, so that your product or service offers shine in the right light – linguistically!


You want to sell your brand-new product? Your customers need to know all the brilliant details of your groundbreaking innovation? Or you are just looking to impress your clients with your next presentation? Whether you need to inspire, inform or sell, I can write the text to do just that.

So, what kind of texts are we talking about? For instance, the following:

  • Websites & blogs
  • Slogans & taglines
  • Social media content
  • Newsletters & press releases
  • Booklets, brochures, catalogues…

You already know what you want to say? Perfect! Send me your keywords and I will turn them into a convincing piece of text that follows your ideas. Alternatively, I can search for some myself. Your company has a clear point-of-sales concept? And not to mention your corporate terminology! No problem at all. I will stick to your requirements, so that your corporate identity is consistent throughout.

Your products and services have what it takes to convince, but only if presented properly. Get help from a professional writer to make sure that you reach your target customer. Contact me with your request and receive a tailored quotation ‒ free and unbinding.


When it comes to translations everything needs to be correct! Not only the content and language, the terminology as well and the text should be adapted to the target group and culture. Let a language expert take care of your translation and invest in quality, so that your message gets across to your clients.


Not only linguistic competence is required when translating a text, but also the necessary technical knowledge, because every text is unique. That’s why I specialize in the following areas:

  • marketing & advertisement
  • cosmetics & beauty
  • fashion & jewelry
  • sport & fitness
  • art & culture
  • social mediafood & drinks
  • food & drinks
  • travel & tourism
  • corporate communications

Since all those fields belong to the creative industry, I don’t just offer regular translations, but also transcreations – meaning that I adapt English or Chinese marketing texts to the German market while maintaining their exclusive brand voice.

You have special requirements regarding terminology? No problem. I will stick to your corporate wording throughout. Upon request, I will work with CAT tools to further ensure consistency. During and after the translation process we will work closely together and I am available for questions or modification requests at any time. Just get in touch with me and receive a tailor-made offer for your next project ‒ free and unbinding.


You are looking for someone who polishes your text, because it will be published? Or for someone who checks your translation for accuracy, since it is of high importance? Then get in touch with a professional. I am looking forward to help you with editing your texts, so that they are customer-ready.


Every text is a coherent piece of art. The writer puts a lot of thought into his text. If, however, that is not the case and a text is written carelessly, the reputation of the writer will suffer significantly. Like it or not, people judge us by how we speak – and write. Distract your readers with ambiguities, grammar mistakes and convoluted prose, and you will not get your message across.

That is why you should seek help from a linguist. I ensure that your document follows the correct grammar, punctuation and orthography rules. What’s more, I will make it logically comprehensible and perfectly legible. My work will not only provide you with a text that you are proud to put your name to. No, it will also guarantee that you are being well received by your readers.

Contact me, and I will provide you with a fitting quotation for your next project ‒ free and unbinding.

What you can expect from our cooperation

Performance Promise


With me, you know you will get your money’s worth. For copywriting and translation requests, you will receive a comprehensible price quote based on the word count of your text or on an hourly rate. Contact me and, before we start, you receive a detailed quotation for your project ‒ free and unbinding.


I am 100% capable in this field of work. For years, I have been working in this industry. What’s more, I actually hold a degree in translation from an accredited German university in contrast to many other freelancers. I ask the right questions and you can be certain that you are working with an expert.


I love my profession and the large variety of projects that comes with it. You can see this in every line that I write for you. I meticulously prepare myself for each and every new assignment, so that your text flows perfectly well and your translation reads as if it has originally been written in German.

Direct Contact

You don’t communicate with a project manager, but with me. This gives you the opportunity to pass your requirements directly to your writer, so that I can find the best solution for you ‒ tailored to fit your needs. By working closely together, we ensure that your message is delivered according to your expectations.


You do not only require a translation in German, but also in Chinese delivered in your layout? Get in touch with me and I will provide you with a tailor-made service. I apply the same requirements in terms of quality to my colleagues as I do to myself, so that you can be sure to receive the best possible result.


The confidential handling of your documents is an obvious given in my profession. Rest assured that your sensitive data is protected with utmost care. You can count on me – or on the professional conduct code of, the world’s largest translators’ network, that I have endorsed as a member.


Would you like to learn more about my previous projects and clients?

I’m happy to give you an insight into my work and, upon request, provide you with a portfolio of recent works for specific fields.

What I have done so far


Nude By Nature


Adaptation of marketing copies for Nude by Nature

Cantine Capetta

Cantine Capetta

Website localization for the Italian winery Cantine Capetta

SAT Albatros

SAT Albatros

Translation of marketing texts for the logistics company SAT Albatros



Project for GSK’s annual summit in Shanghai (Translation, Subtitling, Interpreting)

Nude By Nature

Nude by Nature

Translation of various cosmetic packagings for Nude by Nature

Frasers Hospitality


Project for Frasers Hospitality’s new opening in Tianjin (Copywriting, Localization, Brochure Printing)



Project for L’Oréal’s one-week workshop in Shanghai (Localization, Interpreting)



Project for Swarovski’s commercials in China (Translation, Subtitling, Interpreting)


Celanese Corporation

Project for Celanese’s multilingual office design in Shanghai (Translation, Design)

 What others say about my work


We entrusted Rebecca with writing our social media content and were impressed by her excellent work. Extremely well written! And she is also a pleasure to work with – both professionally and personally.


David Munoz, General Manager, VitaeFoods

Please continue as you’re doing – continuing to grow and improve every day – I’m impressed by your approach to work, which is much more solid, experienced and well-rounded. I highly recommend Rebecca Rosenthal for any project management or translation position.

Eurologos Shanghai

Giacomo Lotti, General Manager, Eurologos Shanghai

Thank you very much for your great support during our ThinkIn Forum. We really appreciated the great work of all the team, knowing all the changes we had were at the last moment.


Patrick Vicente, General Manager, Jadeset

Frau Rosenthal besitzt ein umfangreiches und fundiertes Fachwissen im Bereich der Übersetzung. Ihre Arbeitsweise zeichnet sich durch ein hohes Maß an Leistungsbereitschaft aus. Sie arbeitet stets äußerst zuverlässig und sicher.

Document Service Center

Nikolaus Neitmann, Project Lead, Document Service Center

Excellent work! The translation was precise and delivered on time. The linguistic and cultural advice was also very helpful. It was a pleasure working with you on this project and we will definitely come back to you again.


Gabriel Mascarenhas, General Manager, TeaHub

Rebecca actually reworks texts as they should be. She is very detail-oriented and considers every word of her translation carefully. What’s most important: Our clients are greatly satisfied with her work!


Molly Wang, Head Project Manager, Emore Translation